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Losing weight is easy - in fact, most people who embark some kind of weight loss journey manage to lose weight. Then why are almost 40% of adults obese and in excess of 70% are considered overweight?

Research shows that 95% of the people that lost weight regain it within a year or even end up worse than before they started!

The problem is related to the way in which you lose weight. Most weight loss methods focus on a quick fix. Very low calories or no carbohydrates can be eaten. The body will naturally resist this, as from an evolutionary perspective it does not want to lose weight at all. This type of weight loss is therefore doomed to fail. By actively tracking bio-markers as Heart rate variability,  Blood pressure, VO2Max, Sleep, Stress, and digestion. We can put the right training, nutrition and lifestyle protocols in place to ensure optimal health and long term fat loss results. 

It is our mission to put the "Personal" back into Personal Training again.  By providing a truly individualized result-driven holistic approach to health and fitness.

Whilst building lasting habits around the four pillars of a successful fitness journey:

Training, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Community

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I Feel bloody great! I’ve lost 9lbs in total, 1lb off my goal weight and reduced my body fat by a massive 7%.  I have more energy, feel more positive and most importantly created the new habits to be able to sustain healthy living, eating and exercising for the long term.  Its not a quick fix diet, these approaches never work. Glenn’s philosophy is in the name - Infinite Fit - developing a holistic approach to health and wellness that benefits body, mind and soul




Going into the gym, without a clear plan or idea on how to execute the program is a recipe for disaster.
Our extensive movement analysis, personalized training program, and attention to detail when it comes to exercise execution are all aimed to make you move, function and perform better. They might even help you with that rounded shoulders and nagging back pain that has been haunting you for years.


The best diet is the one you can sustain the longest. 80% of the people that lose weight, regain it within a year. Our method is based on awareness, mindfulness and continued education. Aimed not only to help you lose weight but to make sure you keep it off!


Besides training and nutrition, we'll look into lifestyle factors like sleep, stress, digestion and energy levels. Whilst building sustainable habits and a rock-solid winners mentality.


The final key to long-term health-and-fitness success is having a support system. An exercise community provides a powerful combination of support, accountability, motivation and, in some cases, healthy competition.

We'll organize bi-weekly events around one of the 4 pillars of integrated health for our Infinite Fit Family members.

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain



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